Our Goal: To Impact 10 Million Lives



Adding Purpose to Profit. 

VGS specializes in solving business and social problems in tandem. We love to partner with visionary leaders and entrepreneurs passionate about impacting lives. Adding purpose to profit, VGS provides Impact Investing and Strategic Advisory Services to aggressively grow solutions that last and bring dignity to those that need it most.


Strategic Advisory

Want your company to grow and fuel something bigger? Is your organization in the midst of change? Do you want to add more profit to your bottom line as well as integrate social good into your strategy? Sometimes the pathway to more profits for your business can be a bridge to doing real good for people or bring about systemic change. 

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Impact investing

Looking to invest in something that matters? Get healthy returns on your dollar by funding assets for causes that do good, like delivering clean water that saves lives. 

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Where We Deliver Impact.