What We Do:

“VGS brings a technical competence which has been instrumental in formulating best practices for Delta Energy & Communications.”
— Scott Foster, Founder and CEO of Delta

How We Do It: 

With our mantra of THINK BIG, START SMALL, SCALE FAST, we adapt and apply our unique methodologies to a range of contexts - start-up, scale-up and turn-around. We work closely with the Founder/CEO and core teams to assess their current reality, surface their key priorities and deliver tailored solutions for their specific journey stage.  

For businesses operating in emerging markets, our methodologies would be tailored to include contextual risk analysis, community engagement strategies, business continuity strategies and operational support. 

Where We Work:

VGS works with leaders and organizations focusing on world changing ideas regardless of where they are located. Based in Asia and the USA, to date our primary focus has been Africa and the USA but we have had a presence in over 10 countries.