VGS announces Strategic Partnership with PrivySeal to increase trust by Decreasing Fraud and Safeguarding People Online

VGS formalizes a strategic relationship with PrivySeal to disrupt fraud through professional, document and data accreditation.

AUSTIN, Texas and South Africa November 28, 2016 --Vestment Global Services LLC (VGS) is proud to announce a new strategic relationship with PrivySeal Ltd whose aim is to disrupt fraud everywhere by giving everyone access to digital ID accreditation, confidence and protection. Professional qualifications fraud and identity theft are rampant and a growing problem for individuals and businesses as we interact with an increasingly electronic world. Specifically, high levels of fraud and lack of trust in everyday business and online transactions stunt Africa’s economic pace. Professional qualifications, data and document authenticity can be difficult to verify in these contexts where identities are easily stolen. Fraudsters can compete unfairly with those whose qualifications and businesses are genuine by generating fictitious documents that are exploited with losses to individuals, financial institutions, and professionals. As a result, global and local regulators are placing increasing demands on businesses and institutions to confirm the identity of individuals, professionals, entities and transactions.

PrivySeal bridges trust between people, giving them confidence to exchange goods and/or services. This fuels economic growth through increased efficiency, faster processes and more transparency. PrivySeal helps consumers and businesses spot the difference between genuine and fraudulent service providers and transactions with an embedded electronic seal, providing trust at a glance.

PrivySeal was established in 2010 to build the technical platform and products to meet this critical need in the marketplace. After proving its effectiveness in product creation, demand, revenue and social impact, PrivySeal chose to focus on the sizable South African market in the Property Sector given the inter-related network of agencies and businesses across realtors, housing finance providers and attorneys. With existing clients serving as strong advocates, PrivySeal has engaged VGS to help prepare capacity for significant growth with its core product range of Professional and Personal Accreditation as well as Document and Data Validation. VGS is providing strategic advisory services with Peter Mawditt, Co-Founder of VGS, serving as Interim Chief Operating Officer.

“We are delighted to be working with the PrivySeal team who are pioneering an innovative accessible solution that helps to prevent losses, creates ‘Trust as a Service’ and provides secure frictionless processes for business and consumers alike. Their heart and passion to address this and their dedication and professionalism is impressive”, says Peter Mawditt of VGS.

“VGS’ insights and proven scaling methodologies are assisting us to identify and focus on the key drivers powering our growth.  They have embraced our vision and helped us make headway in providing everyone with one or more Privyseals to confirm who they say they are and build trust.  We are excited to be working with such an experienced team”, says Stephen Logan of PrivySeal.

About PrivySeal

PrivySeal enables trusted relationships through its innovative and secure digital platform by automating the flow of information directly from multiple authoritative trusted sources. Each and every Privyseal builds trust by confirming the holder’s identity and the authenticity of their qualifications in real-time. A Privyseal verifies that the person you are dealing with has the relevant skills and qualifications that they claim, and that you require.

About Vestment Global Services

VGS specializes in solving business and social problems in tandem through a combination of advisory services and impact investing solutions. It provides Strategic Advisory Services in scale-up and start-up contexts - equipping aspiring leaders and developing corporate social platforms to ‘integrate purpose with profit’.  It innovates Impact Investment by connecting socially minded capital with strategic opportunities to impact lives.  This involves pioneering impact investment with for-profit companies in emerging markets in the areas of education, infrastructure, and small-medium enterprises. It also provides asset financing to non-profits to help expand their mission in a financially, self-sustaining manner while delivering a double bottom line to investors.