Ephrem: The Inspiration Behind Asset-Financing

Ephrem was one of our Food for the Hungry (FH) staff in Ethiopia. He was in a car accident back in 2008 while serving vulnerable populations in hard to reach areas. He inspired us to innovate a solution to care for the workers serving in FH while also scaling their ability to reach more people. This led to asset-financing and the birth of Vestment Global Services (VGS).

Since 2012, VGS has arranged 3 tranches of funding for FH as our initial client. This has enabled the purchase of 21 motor vehicles for their field staff who are reaching over 300,000 lives. Today, Greg Vestri, VGS Co-Founder, had the chance to share with Eprhem who is now fully bed-ridden, that VGS has touched over 2 million lives in partnership with amazing organizations such as FH. He was thankful and grateful that his life has had significant purpose in the midst of suffering. We love Ephrem and he is a warrior that has necessitated social innovation.

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