Press Release: Vestment Global Services LLC (VGS) announces the formation of Venture into Africa Ltd to facilitate its Direct Foreign Investment in Africa.

We are committed to a long term presence in Africa and excited to take this inaugural step.

Nairobi, Kenya & Austin, Texas – July 2015 –VGS has successfully completed the formation of a local, Kenyan company named Venture into Africa Ltd.  This will serve as a foundation stone for our business on the continent of Africa.

Peter Mawditt says, "We are strategically committed to Africa as a rapidly growing continent and seek to be a strategic partner to help each country reach its full potential.   The network of trusted relationships we have created through the years grants us unique opportunities most will not have the chance to see."

Greg Vestri says, "We secured the website for Venture into Africa over 7 years ago.  That sounds kind of crazy but we saw the opportunity that was coming and are glad that now is the time to experience this genesis of new opportunity."

About Vestment Global Services

The VGS team has more than 50 years of active, global management experience in start-up, scale-up, transitional leadership, change management, project management, organization design and operations management across technology, banking, management consulting and relief & development sectors.  VGS works with innovative companies, Non-profits and individuals to integrate purpose with profit.  VGS specializes in strategic advisory services to equip aspiring leaders, developing platforms to scale excellence globally and innovating impact investing.  For more information visit VGS at

About Venture into Africa Limited

Venture into Africa is a Kenyan Limited Company that will serve as a holding company for investments, real estate, and equity ownership of startup companies.